Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Future of ..... American Idol!

We all heard when Simon said "Idol is going to continue with out me" .... uhm maybe not, after all the judging panel is a completely mess, the only one left is Randy, and with Kara fired and Ellen gone, who are going to fill those seats.
We have heard tons of names( Jenifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Steven Tyler, etc.) ... but are they really going to be able to save idol? ... or is the "X Factor USA" going to dethrone Idol.....will have to wait and see.
I have lost my interest in the show..... last season  was a completely mess,  no one of the "Top 2" had any kind of "Superstar material",  that's why i don't think they have a place in the music industry......Although  willing to give it a second chance!.

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