Saturday, September 25, 2010

Introducing Mohombi.

Who is Mohombi?... I have no idea, what i know is that he is a new artist, who got signed to RedOne's ( Lady Gaga and Usher) new label with Universal "2101 Records". His music combines african influences with pop music, he already achieved a hit in europe with "Bumpy Ride", now he is teaming with Nelly for his second single "Miss Me".  He sure has a good voice, the song is nice, Nelly does a decent job and you can sure hear RedOne's signature, I'm not convinced if it will become a hit, but i never been able to understand Europe's taste in music.

Give it a try.

"Miss Me" Ft. Nelly

"Bumpy Ride"

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ticor said...

me pareces un papasito y esa cancion con pitbul y la mamasita esta de nayer le quedo fenomenal un abrazo bien grande y bueno estas muy bien