Monday, September 20, 2010

Joe McElderry and his "Ambitions".

For those who doesn't know who is Joe McElderry.... let me explain to you, he is last year "X Factor Winner", since last year, he only released his cover single "The Climb" (which i think is the best version out-there, forget about Miely Cirus), for the rest of the year he kept his profile very low key, now he comes with his first single "Ambitions" of his upcoming album, entitled "Wide Awake" which hit stores on October.
Ambitions is a cover from Norwegian Band DonkeyBoy's, now i personally find him in this cover sounding like Mika, for me is not as catchy as a first single should be and the original has more personality, but hey! ... maybe is a grower, wish him the best. 

Joe McElderry - Ambitions by TimmyD

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