Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nothing but N.E.R.D.

Today, i belive, well is out now!.... "Nothing" their new album, is out, and i would like to recommend two songs from this cut.
The first is "Hypnotize U", which is the first single.... and as the tittle, the song is indeed very hunting, from the beat, to the vocals, i know that is a tune that some of you will like and others will not, but music is like that, there is a market for everyone.
Then we have "Victory" this is a feel good jam, is all about been and feeling victorious, i'm really feeling it and the hook goes like this "victory i can feel it in the air!".

Press Play.

Hypnotize U
N E R D - Hypno by JuicyMo

04- Victory by kidvalor

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