Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Don't Hold Your Breath" Nicole Scherzinger

Her Name is Nicole! .... Yes that was supposed to be her debut album, which was set to be available originally in 2007, she delivered some singles but everyone of them fail to make an impact on the charts, she score a hit with the Diddy's colabo "Come To Me" in 2007, of course after struggling to find her own sound and place in the music industry as a solo artist,  she went back to "The PussyCat Dolls" in 2008 and released the album "Doll Domination" .... now almost 3 years after she is ready to try one more time to make it into the music scene, her single "Poison" became a Hit in the U.K. in late 2010, but now she is releasing an Unofficial single from her upcoming album, this song was produced by Timbaland and sung by Keri Hilson for "Shock Value II", but never made the cut. Now the song made it's way to Nicole, and it sound pretty good, i don't think is going to become a huge hit but maybe a decent one.


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