Monday, January 17, 2011

J.Lo is a "Good Hit" "On The Floor".

J.Lo,  Jennifer,  Jenny From The Block ... how ever you know her, she is back (i don't really care but  here i go) or may i say is trying to make it again into the music scene,  she was supposed to drop an album las year called "Love?", which got delayed and now is releasing it this year, which makes sence because she is going to become a more public figure once "American Idol" starts and will let her get more promotion, but on the other hand shes been out since 2005 when she scored a Top 15 hit with "Get Right" from her album "Rebirth", since then she released her album "Brave" which became a major flop.

Now she seems to be in the same wagon as most of todays artist, doing Dance-Pop records and the best example for that is her new single "On The Floor", produced by RedOne (Aka the one behind the success of Lady Gaga) who uses "Kaoma - Lambada" as a sample, but don't get to exited it sound promising but the truth is that is bad real bad! .... if that wasn't enough Pitbull makes an apereance, and makes it even worst ...  at the same time she releases this promotional video "Good Hit" which is a completely urban track ...  i thick she is confused, her last hit was more than 7 years ago, maybe her new job as an American idol judge will change things.


To The Floor.

Good Hit.

Jennifer Lopez - Good Hit - Music Video
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