Sunday, June 5, 2011

Joe Jonas ... "See No More".

This one goes out to the fans of the Jonas Brothers (not including myself), after the crazyness that was the "Jonas fever" a few years ago, the all went to do something on their own, the first was Nick, who released an album "Nick & The Administration" wich failed to make any impact on the charts, as for kevin he has done anything, now is the turn for Joe to prove if he can be an artist.

the first sinlge for his solo debut is entittled "See No More", is a pop record, it has a hunting sound, is a song about heartbreak, it has a nice rhythm, the colabo with Chris Brown makes it kind of likable, this could be a hit for him just because of fact that it sounds so diferent from what he´s been doing with his brothers, he´s going for a different sound, wich is the best thing he can do.

Take a Listen.

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