Friday, July 15, 2011

Leona Lewis might "Collide".

Some people say the 1st album of every artist is the best and they might be right ... in this case Leona´s 2008 debut album is her best work to date, since then she has struggle to match that success, her second album Eco didn't do so well, now she is coming with the first single of her upcoming album ... "Collide" is an upbeat dance track reminiscent to Alexis Jordan "Happiness" and even there is some drama regarding the beat, i´m not going to get into that.  the thing is that this song is far from a collision, there is no speed, no adrenaline, no emotion, no soul and from someone who has a voice like her she should be able bring all those things into the track, is sad to say but i don´t see this song going very far or up in the charts.


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