Monday, July 11, 2011

"This Time" is Pia Toscano´s Time.

After an early elimination of American Idol Season 10th, it was no surprise that she would be getting a recording contrarct, she obviousliy had one of the best voices of the season, wich does not guaranty the triumph of the show beacuse it is a popularity contest not a singing competition, but leaving that aside, Pia is working to make her debut.

"This Time" is a song written by Ester Dean, is a midtempo inspirational track, in wich we can find pia belting towards the end her vocal power, she sure has a nice tone and is a good first single, I´ll keep an eye on her.

Take a Listen.


ArqDome said...

like this song!!!

ArqDome said...

I like this song!!!!