Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Those Who Wait" for Daley.

This is more of an introduction than a review, Daley is a Soul/Alternative U.K. singer, he made his debut in 2009 with "Rainy Day", his biggest highlight yet was the collaboration with "Gorillaz" on the track "Doncamatic" in 2010, since he´s been working on a mixtape called "Those Who Wait" (Free Download) which is composed by 10 tracks, a couple of them are covers and one remix.

Daley has a very soulful voice with a throwback feel, although his music is mainly a combination of genders like R&B, Alternative & Soul, he is an artist to lookout for, sooner that later we will see him everywhere because good things come to those who wait.

Top Songs from the Mixtape:

"Those Who Wait".

Those Who Wait by YowPower

"Pretty Wings" Maxwell Cover.

Daley - Pretty Wings (Acoustic) by YowPower


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