Sunday, December 26, 2010

Duffy, Duffy, Duffy or may I say "Well, Well, Well".

Duffy is a great artist, she has a very unique sound, but unfortunately her sophomore album "Endlessly" is pretty bad, you know that they say that doing the second album is always difficult, well this is a good example, while her debut album "Rockferry" was a succes because of the mix between her sound, the throwback production, now in this new work, she sound weak, their is no enthusiasm, is like someone with no soul, just like a robot.
I hope she does a better job next time, hopefully she will bring back the day of "Mercy" and "Rain On Your Parade".

I only recomend two songs, which are worth the listening.

Well, Well, Well.
This one sounds like the old Duffy.

Nice slow song.

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