Sunday, December 26, 2010

R. Kelly and his "Love Letter".

I'm not sure if other artist have released more albums this year, R. Kelly released two compilations albums "Playlist: The Very Best of R. Kelly" and "Epic", now he comes with a third album "Love Letter", now i finally think he has found his way again into the music industry, for this album he goes back to that old Soul Sound of the 50's and 60's, even the album cover is reminiscent of the great "Ray Charles", is a very strong R&B album, the main topics are the love and forgiveness, something the we all are use to hear, but with that old school vibe, makes it special to hear, good lyrics, good production and a good voice.

This are my favorites.

Love Letter.
From Beginning to end, this one is a really great song,  is a love statement.

When a Woman Loves.
Very Simple ... just Listen.

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Love is.
This one sound just like out of a movie.

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