Friday, April 15, 2011

Lady Gaga is in love with "Judas".

So just in time for the Holy week, Gaga has decided to premiere her second single "Judas", so long the lyric has created a lot of buzz, maybe the video will have the same effect.

This song, has a very dark, hunting and hard sound, with a catchy hook and chorus, in my opinion is  reminiscent to "Bad Romance", every time i hear this new song, is almost as if i'm committing a sin, i think i might start thinking and feeling different about Gaga, has you might know i'm not a huge fan of hers and i'm not going crazy over this new track but i'am sure about one thing and is that her fans will support this no matter what and that at the end we will all end up liking it!. 

Ready to Commit a Sin. 

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