Saturday, May 21, 2011

Christina Aguilera & Cee-Lo Green get "Nasty".

After the HUGE flop of xtina´s album "Bionic", anyone would think she would take some time off, but she isn´t slowing down, althought this track "Nasty" is not for a future album, It  was set to be part of the soundtrack for "Burlesque".

This is an old school christina song, is catchy, and incorporates a throwback sound, just as many of the records form her 2006 Hit album "Back to Basics", this is the type of sound i expect from her, she has a great voice with a lot of soul , no need for her to go into the mess that was "Not Myself Tonight" and it gets better with the colaboration of Cee-lo Green, together they really make enphasis on "N-A-S-T-Y you´re NASTY!".

Just listen.

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