Monday, May 16, 2011

Lady Gaga´s "Hair" is at "The Edge Of Glory".

The release of Lady Gaga´s album "Born This Way" is almost here and the tracks are hitting the web, now we are able to have an idea of  how the album is going to sound like, this two new tracks "Hair" and "The Edge Of Glory" continue to be on the same trend of music that we are hearing from everyone, but they have something in comon, is a sound that i haven´t heard in years (a sax).

Lets start with "The Edge Of Glory", i´m not going to deny that has a catchy lyric, the beat is not that bad, but i feel like i´ve heard this before, is too much of a Dance-Club-record and the sax it takes me to a bad old school song.


We can expect  anything from Gaga, but when a song talks about her "Hair", it makes me wonder, how egocentric is she?, and the fact that she sings "I just wanna be free, I just wanna be me" to make it more appealing and  "I am hair" makes this song a completely mess, also again the sax .... come on!.


At the end of the day this album is going to be a succes maybe not because it deserves to be, but just for the fact that she has a lot of ¨litte monsters¨.

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